Tango's Couple Of The Year Contest

Tango's Couple Of The Year Contest

Strong couples—living, dead, fictional, or real—all have something in common: The power to inspire in us emotions that range from admiration to envy. In that spirit, Tango has decided to honor the most dynamic duos of 2007 in our winter issue, out in November.

But we need your help. We’ve got the celebs and other headline-makers covered, but what we’re missing is your input. Are you one half of a twosome with an incredibly powerful bond? Or do you know a couple that makes you want to be a better partner? Either way, we invite you to submit a nomination for Tango’s Couple of the Year contest.

Who’s eligible? Any couple—straight, gay, married, cohabitating, or dating. We’re looking for real-life couples who make the world better just by being together—whether their sphere of influence lies in philanthropy, fashion, business, athletics, politics, or in their own community or household.

We’re accepting nominations until September 15th, so submit your ideas now! Tango will narrow down the field of prospective couples, and then ask you, dear readers, to vote on your favorites from September 17th to October 1st. Then the winning pair will be recognized at a high-profile event in November in New York City, and featured in Tango. All in the name of love

Look forward to hearing from you!
xo, Tango

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