Special Event: We Love Chick-Lit

Special Event: We Love Chick-Lit


Summer is the season for beach reads and guilty pleasures—here’s one last taste of both before fall rolls in.Sure, women (and men!) resort to all kinds of crafty tricks when playing the game of love. But faking amnesia is a technique you’d only find in a work of fiction—unless your friends are far more creative than ours! Jordan Landau, the protagonist in author Caprice Crane’s amusing second novel, Forget About It (out this month from Grand Central Publishing's 5 Spot imprint), does just that in an effort to put her life back in order.

Here’s the plot: Jordan’s life is a mess. Her boyfriend treats her like dirt, she’s in deep debt, and at work, her boss won’t stop stealing her ideas. She needs a way to “do-over” her life. And after a terrible bike accident, she spies her opportunity and decides to fake amnesia in the name of reinvention.

Jordan’s “new” life turns out to be pretty great—complete with a new guy and a promotion—but Crane weaves in complicating factors to prevent the story from being too sticky-sweet. In the end, though, the story does go way over the top, but when you read chick-lit, that’s what you’re looking for, right?

Like it or loathe it, all you New Yorkers can tell Caprice Crane exactly what you think in person: Tango is co-sponsoring “We Love Chick-Lit,” a panel discussion which will be held at the Bryant Park Reading Room on Wednesday, August 22nd. Crane and three other women’s fiction writers will be there to chat about chick-lit and whether your love life would make for good fiction! Hope to see you there! (For details see below or click here.)

We Love Chick-Lit


  • Wednesday, August 22
  • 12:30pm – 1:45pm
  • Bryant Park Reading Room

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Writers chat about the hip and chic in-and-outside world of “Chick-Lit” & “Lad-Lit.” The country's most celebrated authors speak about recent successes and their thoughts on being a writer. Introductions by the Bryant Park Bookworm, Miriam Tuliao, Librarian at the New York Public Library.

Rain Venue:
Barnes & Noble Booksellers
555 Fifth Avenue (at 46th Street)

–Debby Lowenstein

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