Calling in “the One”

Calling in “the One”

Forget speed dating, online dating, and matchmaking. The latest trend in man-hunting starts in the mind—and it’s based on a bestselling book. The title says it all: Calling in “the One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life. (Think: The Secret for singles.).

Intrigued? Doubtful? We were, too. So we dispatched a hopeful romantic to embark on a quest of spiritual spring cleaning and mindful visualization. What she found first was scores of devotees nationwide: One girl in L.A. ended her pleasant but not-going-anywhere relationship of three years, and is now weeks away from her wedding day. A 51-year-old woman in Arizona was not looking for a relationship when she started doing the 49-day course, and she’s now married to her “One.”

Calling in “the One” is more than just self-help: Author and psychotherapist Katherine Woodward Thomas explains, “I wrote it from and through my own life experience, not from the perspective of a psychotherapist.” And the book’s first sentence, “This is what being single was like for me,” is testament to that fact.

So is this a boon to singles everywhere or just a passing fad? We suspect that it might be one of those “don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it” situations. But if you haven’t got the time (or you’re not entirely convinced), check out our writer’s lesson-by-lesson account here.

Rajul Punjabi

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