New Website For STD Crowd Combines Dating And Support

New Website For STD Crowd Combines Dating And Support


From PR Newswire

SALINE, Mich.(, a new online support network for those affected by STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), today announced its official launch into the online social networking and dating scene.

The site is the result of two years of R&D and features new technology intended to provide members living with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Herpes, and HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) varying levels of privacy they can personalize to their own comfort levels. Utilizing proprietary ID masking technology, members can manipulate images they upload, giving them the option of cropping or blurring their photos, and to participate without compromising their anonymity.

Tango’s Take Typically, we’re not so lazy to run a PR release. But In this PR release, it states that 65 million Americans have some sort of communicable, genital-related disease. That is 20% of the population (not including illegals and who knows what they have going on down there). For a country thought to be sexually repressed that is a whole lotta VD. They go further to say that 1/3 of all sexually active adults has the Herp and around 1/2 have HPV (genital warts). Can this be right? Is that shit really everywhere? We’ve been following a story on about some vigilante in Brooklyn posting pictures of a dude that gave her the Herp (a la the slutty one in that episode of Sex And The City after catching her dude going down on some other chick). While she may feel like she’s getting revenge on that bozo, it was probably only a matter of time for her. It’s like Russian Roulette out there (evidently). Oh, God the waiting is even worse. These guys that built are geniuses. It’s not a niche market; it’s prime time. More Americans have a STD than voted in the last election. We felt particularly strong about running this because we ran a Dish on October 24th about a dating site in the UK dedicated to not doing it. These two Dishes prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it does take all kinds.

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