Scientist Claims That Society Is Easier On Men Crying Than Women

Scientist Claims That Society Is Easier On Men Crying Than Women


From The Associated Press Via Yahoo!News By Jocelyn Noveck

NEW YORK - "Please, please, please, just give the dog back," Ellen DeGeneres wept on national TV last week. It was a moment that quickly established itself in the pop culture firmament, less for the plight of Iggy the adopted terrier than for the copious crying itself.

Setting aside the question of whether those sobs were 100 percent genuine, tears are a natural human response, and public figures are obviously not immune. But some who study this most basic expression of feeling will tell you that in this day and age, it can be easier for a crying man to be taken seriously than a crying woman.

Tango’s Take To quote the big Lebowski (from The Big Lebowski), “Strong men also cry.” Not if they’re baseball players. But we digress, granted, the science probably wasn’t given ample room to justify itself in this article, but it seems all fairly anecdotal. Can’t everyone bang out five instances (in both directions) of how society holds men and women to a double standard? We grew up in a time and place that a man cried if he got his leg caught in a bear trap and the day that he could beat his dad in a fist fight. Now we’ve got that kid that cried because everyone was too mean to Britney Spears. We’re not sure where we’re going with this, but we think it’s okay for men and women to cry at appropriate instances. And even though he made fun of Ellen Degeneres, don’t you think that Bill Maher probably cried a little when Old Yeller got shot? If not then he probably cried when John Kerry got the Democratic Nomination in 2004.

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