Elite Runners Often Have Difficulty Balancing Sport With Relationships

Elite Runners Often Have Difficulty Balancing Sport With Relationships
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From The New York Times By Aimee Berg

When the starting guns signal the beginning of the United States Olympic men’s marathon trials in Manhattan on Nov. 3 and the New York City Marathon on Nov. 4, some professional runners who have much at stake will be standing still.

The two-time Olympian Shayne Culpepper, who hopes to compete in the 1,500 meters at the Beijing Olympics next summer, says she will be “biting my nails with the rest of the wives” while her husband, Alan, tries to finish in the top three at the trials to make his third Olympic team.

Tango’s Take We always thought that the saying went, “the couple that trains together refrains (from divorcing) together.” Guess we were wrong about that one. Anyway, we can’t believe that an American, even an elite one, can make long-distance running a career. Awesome. We hope that making splits and losing toenails isn’t a turnoff to romance. Enjoy your very thin spouses, ya’ll. The NY Times had this article in the ‘Other Sports’ section. Ouch. They should make a better name for it, like ‘Non Revenue Sports’ or ‘Sports That Are Impossible To Watch.’ Forget it “Other Sports’ is fine. We wonder if the Nairobi newspapers would just call the section ‘Sport.’ To channel Bruce Springsteen, "baby we were born to run!"

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