Aussie Coal Miners Get Lesson On Menopause

Aussie Coal Miners Get Lesson On Menopause
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From The Sidney Morning Herald By Kate Benson

MENTION extra-virgin olive oil to a room full of burly coalminers and there are snickers, but when the subject turns to cranky, menopausal wives rejecting their advances, it's no laughing matter.

Hundreds of men at the Bulga mine in the Hunter Valley have been attending classes on menopause and foreplay - because, according to management, a sexless miner "can get mighty grumpy at work" and affect production.

And the men, aged from 20 to 60, have been transfixed, asking why women menstruate and seeking tips on how they can "explore the wife again".
Tango’s Take Australia is light years ahead of the competition for awesomest island/ continent/ nation. Light years. They’re not shy to put a class together to teach coalminers about menopause and that sex doesn’t have to end. We imagine this class being lead by a Steve Irwin-type (God bless him).

“First ye got to git her pants off. And then flip her over. Oy she’s a beauty. But her bits are dry as the desert. Be careful there. And boy, she is a cranky one. Let’s git her top off. Crikey, they’re gorgeous.” And so forth.

We’re pretty sure those sort of shenanigans would not fly in America. Good work, Australia. For whatever reason, America really frowns on sex with miners.

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