Aussie Man Proposes Via Cut Wheat Field

Aussie Man Proposes Via Cut Wheat Field

A farmer used a helicopter and cut field of wheat to propose

From Herald Sun By Nick Higginbottom and Antonia Magee
THE drought hasn't stopped romance blossoming in country Victoria.

St Arnaud farmer Matt McNally, 29, put in plenty of overtime last Monday when he used a tractor and a ride-on mower to carve a marriage proposal in his wheat field.

He and his girlfriend of four years, Andrea Richards, 23, were conducting a regular helicopter check of the fields when he produced a ring and pointed out his handiwork.

Taken by complete surprise -- he had told only the pilot of his plan -- Ms Richards was speechless at first.

Tango’s Take This guy really upped the ante, didn’t he? Now the next guy in his town has to herd and sedate goats to spell out his proposal. When is this one-upmanship going to end? We’ve always thought that it was a dangerous move doing any proposals from the air. Two reasons: 1) an excited, new engaged woman could fall out of the plane/ chopper/ dirigible in her ebullience or drop the ring. 2) A rejected, non-engaged man could throw himself (or his lady) out of the plane/ chopper/ dirigible. The aerial engagement is slightly ahead of the jumbotron engagement in terms of classiness. We would like to see someone spell it out in fireworks or with a laser show.

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