Kelly Slater Picks Up Leonardo DiCaprio’s Leftovers

Kelly Slater Picks Up Leonardo DiCaprio’s Leftovers

Kelly Slater is dating one of Leonardo DiCaprio's exes, again.

From The New York Post’s Page Six

By Bill Johnson

October 23, 2007 -- LEONARDO DiCaprio is looking for a new model - he's split with his post-Gisele Bundchen babe, Bar Refaeli. On Friday night at Sweet Paradise on Orchard Street, DiCaprio was with Josh Hartnett checking out the arm candy at the after-party for the new skateboarding film "Nothing But the Truth." And, in an odd twist, Refaeli's new squeeze is surfer Kelly Slater, who dated Bundchen after she and the "Titanic" star broke up.
Tango’s Take Look out ladies, Leonardo DiCaprio is on the prowl. The combination of LDC and Josh Hartnett out on the town is formidable. Is there any more formidable pair? Can you imagine if these two crashed weddings? That would be such a critical mass of sexuality that the world may stop spinning. In fact, if they tried this ‘dude’s night out’ bit overseas it could violate international treaties. And how about Kelly Slater taking home LDC’s seconds? Fantastic. It seems like every fraternity has a swoop-in guy. You know the guy. He rarely dates anyone for long but is always ready to lend a, uh, shoulder to cry on. It later says that the Slater got arrested leaving his hotel in Israel. He got into an altercation with a paparazzo. It’s not smart to mess with Israeli media.

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