Singapore Legalizes Some Consensual Sex Acts


We read a story a few years ago about a Singaporean policeman getting oral sex from a teenager (possibly a hooker). The man was heading for jail. He was heading for jail not because he was on duty or the girl was a teenager (and possibly a hooker) but because oral was against the rules. We thought that this might be like nailing Al Capone for tax evasion. But now we’re not so sure. In a country with legal prostitution and an age of consent of 16, it’s a little surprising having these other techniques outlawed. Then again, remember that kid in the early nineties that took a caning for graffiti? Singapore wants to stay clean and boring, hence their legal stance on sex positions. It looks like they are getting somewhat more progressive with their sex laws. Now it is OK for a man and a woman to engage in what was once sodomy (i.e. oral and anal sex). It’s still illegal for men and men to get down in any manner (and presumably a woman and a woman). There was a strong push for this part of the law to get rescinded too. The statement by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong essentially said that they do not want their conservative culture driven by the preferences of a minority. He did not call for the abolition of gay clubs and tacitly acknowledged that the government could not control what goes on in private. So, in summary if you decide to get frisky on a trip to Singapore, make sure the person is of the opposite gender and feel free to pay for it. We're pretty sure that there are some states in America that embrace a similar policy.

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