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Pink’s Marriage In Trouble, Marc Anthony Dedicates Song To Family

Pink’s Marriage In Trouble, Marc Anthony Dedicates Song To Family

It looks like Carey Hart (who wears his sunglasses during the day) has something in common with Britney Spears and President Bush, and Pink has had enough of his shit. The New York Daily News grabbed a quote from a source saying, “Divorce is just around the corner. Carey has this one blonde in particular that he takes everywhere, even public appearances. But Pink knew what she was getting into!" We don’t know much about the Hart-Pink marriage but word is that it is open. Not just open to new ideas, experiences, food, travel, and art, but open to sex with other people. We’re not sure about a few things. A) We are not sure about the veracity of this rumor. It’s made the rounds, though. B) Has an open marriage ever worked? C) Is Carey Hart going to get beat up? We’re willing to bet that Pink can bring the heat when she’s fired up. D) What other x-treme athlete is Pink going to get next? We’re hoping for someone from the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Another unsubstantiated but likely rumor: It looks like Marc Anthony may have let the cat out of the bag on the Jennifer Lopez baby rumor… by singing Journey’s Faithfully. Awesome times.

Of these two rumors, we think that there is some truth in each, meaning that J-Lo is partially pregnant and things could be somewhat bad for Carey Hart and Pink. Time will tell.

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