Community Marriage Programs Curb Divorce Rate

Community Marriage Programs Curb Divorce Rate


In Clackamas County, Ore., tucked between the cafes and microbreweries of Portland and the misty peak of Mount Hood, more than 170 churches have banded together in defense of love and marriage.

The churches are doing things like organizing date nights for married couples, instituting very strict rules for couples getting married and encouraging older couples to act as marriage mentors.

To learn more about the Clackamas County policy, please click here to visit their website. For more information on community marriage policies, please visit

Tom and Liz Dressel are the driving force behind this anti-divorce effort. The two started this mission because their marriage was once in danger.

Tango’s Take Nice. So, basically, the key to a successful marriage is proper planning, communication, help from family/ friends, time together, and patience. It looks like our job is done. Make it happen. Has modern society made it more difficult for a marriage to work? It seems like we’re more focused on the wedding and getting married than the stuff afterwards. Which is weird, with all of the premarital sex going on out there. With all of our modern communication conveniences (and, LOL, great acronyms) why are we not better at interpersonal communications? Are we moving away from our families and unable to use their successful (and unsuccessful) lessons? Maybe online communities will help with this isolation. Do we have too much to do? Are there too many temptations and distractions? Does it take a village to keep a relationship going? Or are people staying together to avoid the shame?

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