National Poll, Philadelphia Has The Fewest Attractive Denizens

According To National Poll, Philadelphia Has The Fewest Attractive Denizens

From Reuters

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Philadelphia is home to the least attractive people in the United States, a survey of visitors and residents showed on Friday.

The city of more than 1.5 million people was also found to be among the least stylish, least active, least friendly and least worldly, according to the "America's Favorite Cities" survey by Travel & Leisure magazine and CNN Headline News.

About 60,000 people responded to the online survey -- at -- which ranked 25 cities in categories including shopping, food, culture, and cityscape, said Amy Farley, senior editor at the magazine.

Tango’s Take Wow. Least attractive is harsh. Maybe the targets of the survey were mostly haters. Philly has engendered some degree of ill will because of their legendary bellicosity. They’re rumored to be the world’s angriest sports fans. So, this could be the rest of America’s way of getting back at them. Sure San Diego and Miami are natural choices for the most attractive people, but saying that Dallas is unattractive is a stretch. Our ‘actual’ time in Dallas has been limited, but come on. This place brought us the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, Debby Does Dallas, the show Dallas, just to name a few. We would have figured some dying industrial cities as the best bet for least attractive. Nothing messes up someone’s complexion like breathing the pollution from a factory or mill that closed in 1985 while stuffing themselves with fried cheese.

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