Immigration Ruins Relationship Of Chinese Woman and New Zealander

Immigration Process Ruins Relationship Of Chinese Woman Seeking To Live With New Zealander Lover

From By John Henzell

A Christchurch immigrant has blamed delays by immigration officers for the stress that soured her marriage and cost her the chance to settle here.

The 50-year-old Chinese woman claimed that if her marriage to a New Zealand man had been assessed promptly, it would have survived the stress of awaiting her residency.

But a High Court judge has rejected the claims made by the woman, known only as H, and blocked her bid to overturn the decision not to grant her residency.

The judge cited evidence suggesting the woman and her husband were barely able to communicate in each other's language and there was little sign of financial and social interdependence.
Tango’s Take Come on, judge. They speak the only languages that matter: love, caring, lust, caution, etc. Sure, it’s probably tough for a grown New Zealander to learn Chinese (any of the dialects) or a grown Chinese woman to learn English, but they could have tried. And the judge was skeptical about their degree of ‘financial and social interdependence.’ Hey judge, welcome to the 21st Century. Ladies can vote now and own property, these days.

Note: We realize that the judge was probably a little nervous that this was some sort of immigration scam; we just wish that could have been made clear toward the beginning of the article.
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