Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson, & Renee Zellweger News


Renee Z on being single. Eva Longoria Adds Parker. Kate Hudson is single.

Hmm, first Demi Moore becomes Demi Kutcher and now Eva Longoria wants to be Eva Longoria Parker. Two’s a coincidence and three’s a trend. We will be on the lookout for other female stars taking their husband’s name. We sort of wish that his name was Tony Parkour. It’s French-er and hipper than Parker. We’re a little disappointed that she didn’t reverse the order of her surnames, a great Us Weekly headline would have been ‘Parker-Longoria Can’t Lose.’
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According to Hollyscoop.com, Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson have officially divorced. Hollyscoop explains that the split was cordial and the prenup was not challenged. The couple will split custody of their son, Ryder. Robinson, the frontman of rock band the Black Crows, has not been romantically linked to anyone else. When the couple split about this time last year, Hudson was seen in the company of Owen Wilson. She and Wilson later split, allegedly over his wild lifestyle. She has also dated ‘comedian’ Dax Shepard and word on the street has it that they broke up because she was still into Owen Wilson. One step at a time here, gang.
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According to an interview in Readers Digest (via Us Weekly), Renee Zellweger is fine on her own. She was married to country star Kenny Chesney back in 2005 for a little bit. We’re glad that she’s alright, but NEVER is a long time. There’s got to be something between Ms. Havisham and Bridget Jones. Checking out the Us Weekly bit is worth your time just for her picture. She looks fierce and ready to live by herself or not.
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