Sex And The City Creators At Odds Over New, Similar Follow-Up Shows

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Sex And The City Creators At Odds Over New, Similar Follow-Up Shows

Star and Bushnell both have new shows coming out that are quite similar.

From The New York Times By Allen Salkin
ON a Monday last January, Candace Bushnell was feeling ebullient. The author of “Sex and the City” had just heard that her latest novel, “Lipstick Jungle,” would be made into a television pilot. If all went well, a series with her as an executive producer would be headed to NBC.

Ms. Bushnell was clinking champagne glasses with her husband, Charles Askegard, a ballet dancer, in their apartment on lower Fifth Avenue when it occurred to her that she had not received a congratulatory call from her old friend Darren Star, the producer of “Sex and the City” on HBO. He was not involved in the new project, but he knew she had been working toward this triumph for two years. She had even written part of the novel at his house in East Hampton.

Tango’s Take “Everyone stop shouting. Mom, I know you feel betrayed by what Dad has done. Dad, I know you feel Mom has overshadowed you to some degree and that you’ve never felt that you’ve gotten your due. But is this really right? Is this fair to everyone? We don’t want to be one of those families that spends Mondays on ABC and Wednesdays on NBC. We liked things better when all of us got together on Sundays. Sure, there’s probably ‘room’ for two shows about highly successful women with major problems outside of work. But will it really be as good without you both? We’re guessing they have different jobs and sort of different problems but would we rather two female versions of Big Shots or just one SATC 2? Whatever, we’re going to check what’s on Fox and hope that the film version of SATC can bring us back to climax.” Sincerely, The Carrie Nation
Note: It looks like this whole thing got messed up over $300,000 or a little less than Charlie Sheen makes per episode of Two And A Half Men. Awesome.

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