Some Vegas Wedding Chapel Marriages May Not Be Legit

Some Vegas Wedding Chapel Marriages May Not Be Legit

From Las Vegas Sun By Joe Schoenmann

As far as Kimberly Shirak of Ypsilanti, Mich., is concerned, she and her husband of six months are married - really, truly, legally married.

And to prove it, she's got a marriage certificate from Las Vegas' Garden of Love, photos of family members and an Elvis impersonator, and the signature of an official witness.

Problem is, the witness - the chapel's co-owner - was about 1,000 miles away at the time of the April 7 nuptials, watching an Ultimate Fighting Championship match in Texas.

So, back to the big question: Does that mean Shirak is or isn't married?

The answer - probably - is as unpredictable and uncertain as love itself. And so the advice that officials have for the Shiraks and 18 other couples married at the Garden of Love that day is that they might want to get married again, just to be on the safe side.

Tango’s Take It’s not often that marriage fraud and the Ultimate Fighting Championship show up in the same story. We’ll make the best of it. Basically, the deal is that some people are sweating the validity of their marriage because the witness signatures were forged. That’s understandable. These Vegas wedding chapels are just trying to do the briskest business possible in ill-conceived (or post-conception) nuptials. Maybe a few laws get bent, but as long as the intent is to get two people, who may or may not be fully cognizant of what they’re getting into, together in the eyes of the law, then no wrong is really being done. In all honesty, we weren’t 100% sure that Nevada marriages were fully recognized by other states. It seems like some of the other vacations states should put together quickie marriage programs to entice tourism. New Orleans could use another angle. Let this be a lesson, check your local and state laws before getting married. That romantic three-day destination wedding in Cabo may not entitle you to get on the insurance plan.

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