Study: Scent Of Breast-Feeding Turns Women On

Study: Scent Of Breast-Feeding Turns Women On

From Fox News

What does it take to get women in the mood? According to a new study, the smell of another woman breast-feeding could do the trick.

The study found the "scent" associated with breast-feeding appears to be a natural aphrodisiac, heightening sexual desire in other woman, the Daily Mail reports.

The researchers from the University of Chicago discovered exposure to the subtle odors produced by breast-feeding mothers and their babies can boost the libido by 50 percent. They believe the smells act as a signal, telling a woman it is time to try for a baby.

The researchers used sweat collected from the breast and armpits of nursing mothers to see how it affected a group of young women. Half were asked to wipe pads soaked in the sweat across their upper lip every morning and evening for three months. The remaining half were given similar pads, soaked in a dummy liquid.

Tango’s Take We’re channeling Fred Armisen here: “Aye aye aye, dios mio.” We will be really surprised if this somehow doesn’t get turned into Fox reality show or the next Tom Ford cologne. The show would be called New MILF Manor and the fragrance would be called Lactay. We wonder if this is nature’s way of keeping women having babies. You look at a new parent and are like, ‘late nights, swollen boobs, milk stained shirts, fallen arches, forget it.’ But, they have this scent that makes you want to find a guy and go crazy on him. Circle of life, man.

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