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Ex-cop Dating Prostitute Turns In His Badge

Ex-cop Dating Prostitute Turns In His Badge



From The East Valley Tribune By Katie McDevitt

A former Mesa police officer who resigned after he was accused of lying about a convicted prostitute he was dating voluntarily relinquished his police certification on Wednesday, officials said.

Steve Roman, a patrol officer for about five years, resigned June 21 when he was told he’d be placed on paid administrative suspension. He came under investigation after an incident at Golfland Sun-Splash where he lied to an officer about the date of birth for his girlfriend, who was wanted on suspicion of prostitution.

Tango’s Take Wasn’t this how LA Confidential ended? And didn’t the ex-cop and prostitute go TO Arizona after blowing the lid off the Night Owl murders? The heart wants what the heart wants. This is hardly the first time that someone has given up a career for love. Like in that Orlando Bloom movie or that Topher Grace movie or that guy who was heir to some throne deciding to throw it all away for some American woman. We’re pretty sure that the first day at the police academy, Commandant Lassard lets you know that dating and hiding a prostitute is frowned upon in the force.

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