Chlamydia Now Being Blamed For Male Infertility As Well

Chlamydia Now Being Blamed For Male Infertility As Well



Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease (STD) most commonly associated with female infertility, is also a threat to male fertility, new research shows.

A study undertaken by University Hospital in La Coruna, Mexico, found that among 143 men infected with the STD, 35 per cent showed signs of sperm damage.

The findings were presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in Washington.

They reinforced the importance of rigorous testing on both sexes, said Edward Coughlan, of the Christchurch Sexual Health Centre.

Coughlan said sexual health professions had known for some time that Chlamydia could affect men and women, but the emphasis on infertility was mostly directed at females.

Tango’s Take It’s kind of a bummer when you faithfully practice and practice and practice and you play in all the regular games and then an ailment that you picked up along the way keeps you out of the championship. Sure that sports analogy has only a passing relevance to this article, but we’re running out of euphemisms. We just hope that the University Hospital in La Coruna, Mexico didn’t intentionally infect these 143 men with the Chlamydia. No one needs another Tuskeegee Project and El Projecto La Coruna barely makes sense. So, in summary, be sure to use protection when possible and do it for the kids.

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