French President Nicolas Sarkozy And Wife Divorce

French President Nicolas Sarkozy And Wife Divorce

From The Associated Press By Angela Charlton
PARIS --President Nicolas Sarkozy and his elegant but enigmatic wife, Cecilia, have divorced after months of questions about their relationship, a first for France that struck a deep, personal blow to his young presidency.

Their lawyer, Michele Cahen, told Europe-1 radio Thursday that the two were heard by a judge who granted their divorce after nearly 11 years of marriage.

"It went very well. There was not the slightest difficulty," she said.

In a 15-word statement, Sarkozy's office said the two were separating by mutual consent and would not comment further on the decision. Sarkozy's spokesman said separation meant divorce.

The announcement raised questions about how the couple could secure a divorce so quickly, which no one in the president's office would answer.

Tango’s Take The godless French let their leaders get divorces? Hmm. Apparently, appearances are not that important. Apparently, they don’t have a media that specializes in picking apart every little part of a person’s life and character to satisfy the 24-hour news cycle. Apparently, their people can separate the person from the politician. Apparently, she’s not going to blab about all the weird stuff that he likes in the boudoir. We hope that she wasn’t so laissez faire about it that she penned him a ‘Cher Jaques’ letter. We wonder if he’s going to be giving Angela Merkel backrubs now that he’s back on the prowl. And finally, we’re glad that his office didn’t break the bank with a speechwriter on his 15-word statement.