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Liz Hurley Forgot To Tip Her Parish For UK Portion Of Her Wedding

From The Independent
By James Macintyre

The recently married millionaire couple Elizabeth Hurley and her husband faced embarrassment last night after they were accused of "grubby penny pinching" for failing to donate to the country parish whose vicar blessed their wedding.

Hurley, the British model turned actress, wed Arun Nayar at the 15th century Sudeley Castle, in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, at the family seat of her friend, Henry Dent-Brocklehurst, in March.

The high profile celebrity wedding – attended by the likes of Donatella Versace and Elle MacPherson – whipped up excitement in the sleepy town but was kept under the tight-knit control of Hello magazine exclusivity. After a civil ceremony in the castle's library, the wedding was formally blessed in the small chapel of St Mary's, at Sudeley, by the Rev John Partington, the local vicar. Mr Partington did not charge the usual £1,000 to meet costs for such a ceremony, but it is understood that the parish was under the impression a larger donation would be made after the showbiz wedding.

Tango’s Take
We know that Liz Hurley’s nuptials were a bit of a fiasco on the India side (quick recap: sold the exclusive photo rights to Hello magazine and so didn’t let her husband’s family take photos, they engaged in some illegal beachside construction, kissed during the ceremony, wore leather shoes and drinking was involved) but we thought that the England part of the extravaganza was basically kosher. Guess not, hot shot. We know that the British pound is really starting to get valuable, but paying a few grand would not have broken the bank. Sometimes a venue will waive costs to get celebrity exposure, but it’s a not for profit church. We’re sure that she has people that typically handle her details but they sort of dropped the ball on this.

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