Work Out Relief


Last Monday, I started going to the gym. I haven’t gone to the gym in years. Honestly. Years. My exercise “routine” has been to walk around the neighborhood a few times per week. I have no excuses or reasons. Just that, like most people, I don’t like working out. But I have thought about it….a lot.

And now I have a motivator: Steve and I are planning a big vacation to the Caribbean in February. For some odd reason, this is getting me to the gym. Go figure: my own self image (really really really wanting to be 10 pounds lighter and tighter) can’t do it, but a vacation can. Amazing!

Steve and I have been going to the gym together, which really helps to get my butt out the door. On top of that, he’s using his experience with a personal trainer to act as my personal trainer. I have very particular places on my body I want to “work” on, and he’s showing me what to do. (When did my upper arms get so flabby? Does this just magically happen once you hit 40? Honestly, one day I looked in the mirror and there they were – I had never ever had them before that day, I’m sure of it!)

Anyway, I’ve noticed something during the past week: I think that Steve likes me more. Now, know that he’s always been very complimentary of my body (“Honey, you are so sexy!”), and he’s never nagged me to get exercise (bless him). But it seems to me that he’s secretly been hoping that I would put some effort into my body (other than applying self-tanners and shaving once every few months) and now that I finally am, he’s relieved.

I haven’t asked him, or even commented on it. He loves me as I am, I know he believes this AND feels this heart and soul. But, it’s the like I’m talking about here. I think he really likes that I’m working out, and likes me better for doing so. And you know what? I like that. It’s like I get double the results: I feel really good about doing it (although I hate the actual doing of it), and so does my husband.

You know, maybe it isn’t that he likes me more. Maybe it’s only that I like me more and am projecting that. Or could it be that I’m acting more likeable? Or it could be a respect thing. In this culture, working out is RESPECTED. (You’re moral fiber strengthens along with your abs in the eyes of our brethren, right?) So it could be that Steve respects me a little more this week than he did last week. Or it could all be in my own head (most likely, you say??!) I haven’t figured it out, and maybe I can just let this rest here….

and enjoy it while it lasts….

AND hope it will inspire me to keep going.

That and the fact that this past week we decided to go to Mexico over Thanksgiving, so that February goal has been moved WAY up. (UGH!)

This concludes another view from my married life.