Sick Musings


I’ve been sick this whole week. Sore throat, cough, congestion. It was bad enough in the beginning of the week to stay home from work for a few days. Then I dragged myself in to the office. God! Don’t you just hate that? Being “almost” better: when you’re well enough that if you don’t go into work the guilt would hound you all day so you drag your sick ass out of bed. And then you’re at the office and you can’t work for thinking about crawling back into bed.

The good news is that once I did get home, I was free to do exactly that: I immediately went to bed. I can do this because when I’m ill, Steve takes over. He makes the meals, gets the kids where they need to go, cleans up, etc…AND my kids are old enough to understand they need to leave me alone.

Aside: You know what I’m talking about if you have kids. It is absolutely impossible to be sick with young children. No staying home from work with that job. This is one of the benefits of having your kids grow up: when you’re sick, they can cater to you and keep quiet when you’re napping. (You’ve got to count your blessings everywhere you can when talking about the sad fact that your kids grow up and leave you!)

So, as I said, Steve takes over. Until he gets sick. Quite often when I’m sick, he at least gets a little bit of what I have. And sure enough, about the middle of the week, he said that his throat was feeling scratchy, and I thought: SHIT. No, no, no! You see, his sick trumps my sick. Same thing with the kids, isn’t it? Actually, men are kind of like children when they’re sick. (At least in my experience. Comments ladies? Men?) Next time he’s sick I’ll take some notes and fill in with details.

Because, this time, thankfully, his symptoms were short-lived and I recovered my only one in the family that’s sick status. And as I lay there - getting better, and needing less sleep, but staying in my room and relaxing just the same - I thought. I could hear everyday family life happening outside my closed bedroom door. Steve was making dinner, Sami (14) was doing homework at the kitchen counter talking to Steve, Chris (17) was doing homework in front of the TV. (I know! No comments needed.) Then Steve called Chris up to eat and his voice was added to the mix in the kitchen. They laughed and talked and ate. And I listened and smiled and thought. I pulled out my pen to write this.

I am mightily blessed with a terrific family. My teens are happy, healthy, respectful, intelligent, creative and independent thinkers. Steve is the best step-father any mother could dream up. Not to mention the love of my life. So even though I felt like shit, I also felt wonderfully and absolutely content. I love those moments; when you feel love physically fill your body…..

OK, maybe it’s the fever, or the drugs. In fact, maybe all of this cold medicine is making me exceptionally sentimental so I better...

….conclude this view from my married (family) life.