Hero of My Soul


In 2000, I made an album with 2 girlfriends. We had a band called Dame Station. All of the songs on the album were originals, written by the three of us (with help from some great musician friends of ours). Anyway, as you can imagine, most of the songs had to do with relationships – from the perspective of three women in their thirties. One of us (me) was at the end of a marriage, one was just divorced and the other married for about 15 years.

We did a lot of talking about what goes wrong in a relationship (still do, although we unfortunately are no longer writing songs about it). One discussion surrounds the idea that a lot of couples who are in trouble still love each other and yearn to have a passionate relationship, but just don’t know how to get there. Communication gets bottle-necked. This song grew out of that.

Aside: I don’t listen to the album very often, but I pulled it out and listened this week-end. I thought that the lyrics of this particular song belonged in this blog: I figured that a lot of you out there just might relate to it.

Hero of My Soul
(Shuster, Roth, & Sweitzer)

He turned to her last night, his arms they held her tight
She spoke of the heartache, the turmoil, the fights.
Their time together now is filled with pain and sorrow.
They need to let go of the hurts that holds them down.

She said, hold me now, and I won’t go.
There are things I need you to know:
You’re everything I need. You’re everything,
the hero of my soul.

They came to this dark place, without the strength to face
the questions, the passions, that hold them in their chains.
Together let them find, the feelings left behind.
While living, existing, only acting kind.

He said, hold me now, and I won’t go.
There are things I need you to know:
You’re everything I need (my life is whole).
You’re everything, the hero of my soul.

The wonder of this world of ours
is held by the look in their eyes.
The magic, the mystery, the mirror of the skies.

Crossing into light, leads to their fate,
knowing the bond beckons them to right.

Try this: next time you are fighting, or talking about fighting, or if you can’t then, try to after the fight….take a moment to hold on to your partner and tell them how much you cherish them. How they truly are the “hero of your heart”, and that if you are there to stay. See how just saying those words can put out the flames of the fight and fan those other flames…..

Good Luck.

This concludes another view from my married life.