Mazel Mazel Tov


So yesterday was the big wedding. My best friend is married! Crazy. The whole thing went off with exactly the correct number of hitches, and now they’re headed to India for three weeks. I gotta say, good reasons for not wanting to get married aside, that big party and vacation package makes it look pretty tempting. It really was an awesome event, the bride looked beautiful, the groom looked lovely, there was singing and readings and all sorts of lovey dovey stuff. I got to see a bunch of friends that I rarely get to see, which always makes me really overexcited, when there are too many people that I want to talk to. I’m like a dog—I get all over stimulated and run around not really talking to anyone. Oh well.

But anyway, so yeah. It’s odd to think that a there are a finite number of marriages that I’ll probably go to. I mean, you know, I only have so many friends. Right now it seems like I’m constantly going to these things but I suppose at some point there won’t be any more, which is weird. Maybe baby showers and kids’ birthday parties and that kind of stuff steps in, but whenever I go to a great event like that with all my friends, it makes me sad that we don’t have more opportunities in our lives to get all together like that and celebrate something. Makes you appreciate why religions have so many sacraments/ceremonies/celebrations. I was talking with my friend the other day and she was saying that she has this idea to start having “commitment ceremonies” with friends that she loves for just that reason. It would be like a wedding sort of, but for friendship, and both people would talk about how much they care about each other and why, and there would be fancy dresses and food and friends from out of town and dancing and everything. Her reasoning is that we don’t have enough of that in our lives, and also that it seems silly to only celebrate one kind of love and only once in your life. I think that’s such a cool idea, in a way. Maybe I’ve just got leftover mushiness from last night, but why not, you know? Who doesn’t need more parties? And more reasons to buy fancy dresses?

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