Feminists Are Hot And Sexy According To Study

Feminists Are Hot And Sexy According To Study

From LiveScience By Jeanna Bryner

Feminism boosts sexual satisfaction for both men and women, a new study suggests.

Busting stereotypes that peg feminists as ugly lesbians, a new study shows that having a feminist partner is linked with healthier, more romantic heterosexual relationships.

The study, published online this week in the journal Sex Roles, relied on surveys of both college students and older adults, finding that women with egalitarian attitudes do find mates and men do find them attractive. In fact, results reveal they are having a good time, maybe a better time than the non-feminists.

Tango’s Take Um, we’re not sure what to say about this. Was the survey conducted at Sarah Lawrence and on GloriaSteinemRocks.org? These results are interesting and we are not sure why. Maybe feminists like to be on top and are more prone to indulge in hate-sex. This sure clears up why Jefferson Darcy was so interested in Marcy (Married With Children, thankee). We wish we could see how the questions were phrased. We can imagine Joe Budweiser being like, ‘Hells yeah I find it sexy when Darlene brings home a paycheck and then gets a little rough with me in the marital bed. Wooooooo.’ And it’s conceivable that the definition of ‘feminist’ may be in question here. When some people think feminist they probably are thinking more of feminazi or whatever the equivalent is to a female chauvinist. We think there needs to be a better word for a person who thinks women are equally as awesome as men (not Tila Tequila). Because male feminist makes us picture a dude with a gray ponytail that loves Yanni and is ready to get in the hot tub at literally any time.

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