Online Dating Is Reviving Romance Says Online Dating Company

Online Dating Is Reviving Romance Says Online Dating Company



The growing popularity of online dating services has brought with it a resurgence in old-fashioned courtship, the head of Australia's most popular online dating service says.

Male users on the online dating service RSVP tend to be the ones making the first move on prospective partners, the website's general manager Hannah Schwartz said today.

The Fairfax Media-owned dating service has over one million Australians on its database, with users ranging in age from 18 to over 80.

RSVP users pay a fee to send a message to someone they are interested in, and Ms. Schwartz believes men are generally the first to initiate an online conversation.

"This is a very interesting observation," Ms. Schwartz said.
Tango’s Take We read this entire article (a rarity for us and this damn 24-hour news cycle) and see no reason to say that online dating is reviving chivalry. It’s possible that in recent years Aussie women have gotten a bit more forceful (we’ve never been, couldn’t tell ya), but isn’t it standard operating procedure, Sadie Hawkins, for the guys to ask the girls? We know everyone is striving for egalitarian dating across the board, but this is a little silly. They also observe that they find it odd that men come to dating events solo whilst the womenn run in packs. Isn’t this the essence of ‘maleness’ and ‘femaleness’? Women are caring nurturers and men, deep down, all think of themselves as the protagonist from a Charles Bronson movie. The term ‘wingman’ is a revelation because it’s atypical, until recently, for a dude to bring another dude on the prowl. It’s every man for himself and all friendship is on hold, like in poker.
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