More Sex Is The Best Way To Cure Defunct Sperm


From The BBC

Some men should have sex every day to maximise the chances of getting their partner pregnant, researchers say.

It is known for couples with fertility problems to abstain from sex for several days to boost sperm numbers before trying to conceive.

However, the Sydney University team, addressing the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference, said this could mean poorer quality sperm.

One UK expert said daily sex might be better for men with damaged sperm.

The Australian scientists studied 42 men whose sperm had been found to be an abnormal shape when examined under the microscope.

YourTango’s Take
There is probably a lot of relief out there (pun?) about the fact that it says ‘ejaculation’ not ‘sex.’ So not only will you not go blind or grow hairy palms, you could likely be increasing your potency. So it looks Steve Carrell’s question in 40 Year-Old Virgin, ‘is it true that if you don’t use it, you lose it?’ is not such a silly question. Now if someone can only help that other guy figure how to get his wife to do the same stuff in his marital bed that he caught his son doing. And we’ll just have to go back to the impregnation motto, ‘if at first you don’t conceive, try, try, try again.’ And by ‘try’ we mean hump.

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