Celebrity Dating (Or Not Dating) Round-Up

Celebrity Dating (Or Not Dating) Round-Up

ShowBiz Spy is reporting that Kid Rock and Paris Hilton are not dating. This is not all that surprising. They probably were discussing what it takes to keep your hair long and beautiful, the finer points of chasing cheap tequila with Crystal, and how bat shit crazy their exes are. We thought Paris was still hanging out with that Swedish tourist guy. Guten sporken.

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Rihanna denies dating Josh Hartnett. According to E! (and they would know) she went on Ryan Seacrest’s radio-show and denied the whole thing. Yes, they met on TRL and, yes, they were at the same night club. But she denies making out with him or being his special lady. Maybe she has a different definition of ‘making out.’ And maybe people at a club called ‘Pink Elephant’ make things up. That sounds like a gay Republican hang out (buh dum pah). We’re just a little curious how a 19 year-old got into a club like that and why they wouldn’t let us in.

Kristen Bell thinks “dating is scary.” Clearly she has encountered the hole in the bottom of the popcorn trick. According to an interview with People magazine, the pixie-ish star recently split with boyfriend Kevin Mann and is not really eager to get back on the dating scene. We’re not sure if we can believe any of this, the article also says she’s 27. Yeah right, whoadee.

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