Study Suggests That Acupuncture Can Lower Success Rate Of IVF

Study Suggests That Acupuncture Can Lower Success Rate Of IVF



Acupuncture may cut a woman's chances of a woman having a baby through IVF, doctors have warned.

Research showed that women who combined the ancient Chinese art with modern fertility treatments were almost 40 per cent less likely to become pregnant than those who used IVF alone.

The finding suggests that women who turn to acupuncture to boost their chances of motherhood may be wasting both their time and money.

Previous studies have provided conflicting evidence about the value of acupuncture in helping IVF, with some finding it doubles the chances of pregnancy and others finding it more of a hindrance than a help.
Tango’s Take We’re not sure if this is a victory for modern science, a loss for ancient Eastern medicine, or just something to keep in mind for people trying to make a baby. This is a little strange to us. We read some time back that acupuncture was a good way for pregnant mothers to deal with pain. Along with stretching (like yoga not like belly marks) is also supposed to be good. So keep in mind if your chakras are feeling a little loosey-goosey, it may need to wait to see if the IVF works.

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