Joblessness Is Very Bad For Family Health

Joblessness Is Very Bad For Family Health


From The Press Association

The Government's crusade for full employment has been strengthened by "shocking" statistics about the impact on people's health of being out of work, a minister is to say.

Work and Pensions Secretary Peter Hain will tell a conference in London that being unemployed is bad for the health of parents as well as their children.

He will say the notion that life without work is stress-free was wrong.

A recent study showed that the death rate for children of parents who had never worked or were long-term unemployed was 13 times that for the children of professional employees, according to Mr Hain.

Tango’s Take They must mean families that are unintentionally out of work. Like in Angela’s Ashes. Families that have the means to not work are awesome. The Dad has never had a job because the paper mills basically runs on its own. Their house on the Charleston Battery takes a little upkeep, but that’s not really a job and besides, directing people is pretty easy. And then there’s the golf club, it can take laborious years to get from an 85 handicap to an 83. Sometimes it’s just easier to subtract one stroke for every drink that you’ve had, you know? And the affairs? Nice. Wait, being intentionally unemployed probably makes serious family problems too. Maybe the secret is to have a very time-consuming hobby. An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop, right?

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