Meals In Front Of TV Not Good For You

Meals In Front Of TV Not Good For You


From Science Daily

Science Daily — September and October mark the start of television’s new fall season as the premieres of new shows and old favorites hit the airwaves. But, University of Minnesota researchers found that watching television while eating family meals may have a negative impact on children’s diets.

School of Public Health Project EAT researchers found that children in families who watched TV while eating meals together had a lower-quality diet than the children of families who ate together, but turned the TV off. Boys watching TV while eating family meals consumed fewer vegetables and grains, and more soft drinks, than those who did not watch TV; girls watching TV ate significantly fewer dark vegetables and more fried food.

Tango’s Take Finally someone has pulled the rug out from under the TV dinner cartel. We know what’s going on, you’re not dealing with amateurs here. At any rate, this makes sense that meals in front of the TV have lower food value. The whole point of eating in front of the television is usually that you either don’t have ‘time’ to prepare a wholesome meal and sit at the table or you don’t have the willpower to force yourself or family to move away from the TV and eat healthier (less fun) meals. And typically, there is not room on the table in the den for that extra serving of broccoli.

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