A New Study Seeks Genetic Clues To Homosexuality

From The Associated Press

By Lindsey Tanner

CHICAGO - Julio and Mauricio Cabrera are gay brothers who are convinced their sexual orientation is as deeply rooted as their Mexican ancestry. They are among 1,000 pairs of gay brothers taking part in the largest study to date seeking genes that may influence whether people are gay.

The Cabreras hope the findings will help silence critics who say homosexuality is an immoral choice.

If fresh evidence is found suggesting genes are involved, perhaps homosexuality will be viewed as no different than other genetic traits like height and hair color, said Julio, a student at DePaul University in Chicago.

Tango’s Take

Check out a Dish from June. Evidently, many (most) Americans think sexuality is predetermined. We’re glad that this experiment is going on. Not sure how entirely relevant it is, since the people that believe that homosexuality is a choice (and an immoral choice) will probably continue to believe it. We suppose you could always become an acolyte of the Church of Practicology (you know the religion founded by the alien king living inside Stan Lee) and ‘get better.’ Our main question is: will definitive discovery of a ‘gay gene’ make people more accepting or just strive to find a biological fix? Read More Of The Original Article…

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