Unique Courting Techniques Applied At BYU

Unique Courting Techniques Applied At BYU


From The Daily Herald By Brittani Lusk

When it comes to dating for some high school and college students, a simple phone call just won't suffice. A date request or an answer needs to be fun and creative, but does the whole valley have to know?

It could, if you had 3,000 sheets of recycled paper, taken from bins across BYU's campus (only slightly marred by campus information and chemistry notes), nine rolls of tape, six hours in the middle of the day to create the letters E and S (90 feet tall and nearly 5 feet wide) and the brawn to lug them up Y Mountain.

Tango’s Take Reading this story in its original form is an exercise in aggravation. We’ll give you the highlights. 1) Girls get together, make ten t-shirts with their names written in marker (nine in washable, one in permanent). 2) Girls hand out shirts to ten specific boys. 3) Boys wash shirts and the remaining name (remember the permanent marker?) is the girl that likes them. 4) Boys decide clever way to let the girls know that they’re into it. 5) Boys build 90-foot ‘E’ and 'S' (to put next to the gigantic 'Y' on Y Mountain) out of classroom notes and drag to the mountain. 6) Boys invite girls to rooftops to show them the ‘YES’ sign. 7) Everyone rejoices.
After reading this story we thought we had completely and inexorably lost touch with this generation of kids. Yeah, that bad. Then we realized something about students attending Brigham Young University. They are clever, industrious, and Mormon. They don’t have the usual college fallbacks like booze, the pot, swearing, the caffeine, R-Rated movies, or casual sexuality to attract a potential mate. They need hard work, earnestness, and personality to get by. Yep, it takes all kinds.

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