More Gossip On Kate Hudson And Owen Wilson

More Gossip On Kate Hudson And Owen Wilson


From SkyNews

The love round about in Celebville is rather dizzying.

Because new reports are saying Kate Hudson's allegedly single - and hoping to mingle...

With none other than her ex, Owen Wilson.

Is cupid confused, or is this all just a storm in a love tea cup?

Kate was rumoured to be dating actor Dax Shepard, but The Metro alleges the pair have split.

They go on to say Kate may be trying to reconcile with former boyfriend, Owen Wilson, whom she was dating before apparently hooking up with Dax.

Tango’s Take It was only after Owen Wilson’s alleged suicide attempt that we heard anything about why Kate Hudson jumped ship. The rumors were rampant, then, about his drug use and general unsteadiness and that she just couldn’t handle it. And this Dax Shepard sort of came out of nowhere. And then she supposedly was rebuffed by the Wilson family when she tried to reach out to him. And then Dax got the axe (hey!) without even knowing it. We’re not sure what else to say. It would be great if they could reconcile. They look nice together and had way more chemistry in You, Me And Dupree than she did with Matt Dillon. Best of luck to everyone sorting out that hot mess.

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Also: According to Now magazine, Josh Hartnett was seen making out and generally partying with Rihanna this weekend at a Manhattan club. For whatever reason, this makes more sense to us than the rumors about Rihanna and Shia LeBouf. Josh Hartnett is a modern-day Warren Beatty (without the ability to choose good roles). We wonder if Rihanna is going to eventually release a hip-hop version of Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain with Jay-Z, Shia LeBouf, and Hartnett standing in for Beatty, Mick Jagger, and James Taylor.
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