Will Smith Developing ‘Hitch’ Sitcom

Will Smith Developing ‘Hitch’ Sitcom

From Hollyscoop

If you were among the millions of us that loved the movie "Hitch," you're in luck because Will Smith is developing a sitcom based on the 2005 hit.

Smith has apparently signed on as executive producer for the show but unfortunately this time around he will not be starring as the "date doctor."

The show is set up at Smith's production company, Overbrook Entertainment and they will begin pitching the concept of the sitcom to the networks shortly.
Tango’s Take We are a little bummed that the Fresh Prince will not be starring in this one. The movie was sort of funny. Kevin James was good as a hopeless romantic. We wonder if the show will be sort of case based (Hitch helping one dude per episode) or have recurring lost causes. Either way, we bet that the drama is going to be when Hitch can’t seem to take his own advice and everyone learns a lesson in the end. Since Big Willy Style is out of the running for a lead, we would like to throw in a few nominations: DJ Jazzy Jeff (he’s available and intimately familiar with Will Smith’s work), Taye Diggs (we’re pretty sure that he’s available, is good looking and already helped Stella get her groove back), Omar Epps (not available and not terribly funny), and Donald Faison (will be available and is hilarious). Well folks, Murray/ Turk is our vote for the new Hitch. Good times. Whatever the case, it will probably be better than Lifetime's Matt Titus: Matchmaker