In Kenyan Study Married Men Have Lower Testosterone Than Single Ones

From Science Daily

Science Daily — A fascinating new study is the first outside of North America to observe lower testosterone levels among married men. Supporting a growing body of research, the study reveals that even married men who are considered aloof spouses and provide minimal parenting have much lower testosterone levels than single, unmarried men.

In Current Anthropology, Peter B. Gray (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Peter T. Ellison (Harvard University), and Benjamin C. Campbell (Boston University) investigated the links between male testosterone levels and marital status among modern-day pastoralists in northern Kenya -- of whom less than 1.5 percent consider their wives a source of emotional support. The Ariaal males serve as herd boys until they reach puberty, at which point they are initiated, become warriors, and accumulate livestock. They do not marry and have children until around 30, and, the researchers suggest, value social bonds with male peers more than spousal bonds or familial bonds.

Tango’s Take
First, we would like to point out that this article was next to an advertisement for a prostate massager. Next, we would like to theorize two reasons for this phenomenon: 1) The married guy is likely to be somewhat older than the unmarried guy and have more worries. 2) A guy with multiple wives has got to work his ass off to provide. You’ve seen Big Love; it’s not all ménage-a-quatres, steak sandwiches, and martinis.
We feel obligated to wonder aloud if all married dudes aren’t just whipped. Probably not, we’re reasonable sure that Burt Reynolds is married and that no lady part could whip him.

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