Startup Company Combines Online Dating With Speed Dating

From The Associated Press
By Rachel Konrad

SAN MATEO, Calif. (AP) — A new online dating service believes you can determine the love of your life after a three-minute video chat.

Originally a project by a Stanford University business class, combines online dating and round robin-style speed dating, where singles spend eight minutes or less interviewing potential matches.

The San Mateo-based company is scheduled to host its first event Thursday, with three-minute sessions for up to 100 people who live in the San Francisco Bay area. Individuals will meet at least 15 prospective partners in an hour.

Tango’s Take
We’re imagining how this venture got started:
Guy 1: You hear about this thing called online dating?
Guy 2: Yeah. I heard it was pretty cool.
Guy 1: Sure is. We should start a company that does that.
Guy 2: What if your internet connection goes down on you?
Guy 1: Then you wouldn’t need a date!
Guy 2: Hi-ooooo.
Guy 1: Have you heard of speed dating?
Guy 2: Yeah. You go on like 20 dates in an hour at a bar or something. Supposedly, you have a good chance of finding someone cool and it only takes an hour.
Guy 1: Sure, that’s nice. But you have to leave the house and run a chance of meeting a whole bunch of lamie-lamersons. I wish there was someway to have the convenience of online dating with the smorgasbord of speed dating options.
Guy 2: Wait. I have an idea.
Guy 1: Is the idea Facebook? Because that already exists…
Guy 2: No, we should start a company that combines online with speed dating. We could call it three minutes in the internet. Or something. You’re the literary guy.

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