Laundry Room Sex Not All It's Cracked Up To Be


From New York Daily News
By Jo Piazza

An old sexual trend is new again - washing-machine sex. On television, in movies, even in ads on the subway, appliance sex is causing a spin-cycle commotion.

Sadly, this is one exploit the apartment-dwelling ladies of New York City will have a difficult time enjoying. I learned this in my own laundry room.

Last week, on the popular television drama "Brothers & Sisters," Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) and husband Joe (John Pyper-Ferguson) got down and dirty in the laundry room despite being separated. In tonight's episode of AMC's "Mad Men," increasingly desperate housewife Betty (played by January Jones) fantasizes about sex while doing the laundry.

YourTango’s Take

Great. Another brassy broad from New York telling us all how lame the missionary position is. If she gets a TV show called Sex And The Laundry Room, we’re quitting pop culture. All the shenanigans aside, she does raise many valid points. And maybe we should start questioning some of the sex that people talk about in film and television. They joked about this on How I Met Your Mother when they were imagining people having sex on a windsurfing board. And Liz Lemon, Tina Fey from 30 Rock (starting tonight), asks her boss “Is that even possible?” when he talks about laborious standing sex with his ex-wife. Feel free to write in with your own complaints about improbably sexual positions in MAINSTREAM culture. We’ll leave Tara Patrick and Jenna Jameson for another time.

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