Now Pete Doherty’s Engaged

Now Pete Doherty’s Engaged


From Women’s Wear Daily AN IMPORTANT ENGAGEMENT: Irina Lazareanu, the Canadian model-cum-singer, soon will be walking down an aisle, not a runway. Backstage at the shows on Tuesday, Lazareanu was spotted sporting an engagement given to her by Pete Doherty, the Babyshambles frontman. "I very recently got engaged," she said, but remained mum on when the big day is to be.

Tango’s Take Nice! Our spell check threw up on ‘Irina,’ ‘Lazareanu,’ ‘Babyshambles,’ and ‘frontman.’ Let it never be said that Pete Doherty will be outdone. It fact, he is the king of escalation. Kate Moss gets engaged to some dude that’s semi-famous and Pete finds someone even semier-famous. If she gets married, you best believe that Pete is going to marry Irina and maybe a second drug-addled woman. And if Kate gets knocked up you better believe that Pete’s bringing the twins. Celebrity breakups are about winning. And you win by moving on faster and showing faux concern for the other person, ‘oh, I haven’t talked to him in years. I hope he’s doing well. He had a lot of issues but is really a great person. I wish him the best of luck. We remain quite close even if we never talk.’ Check out our Dish on Kate’s sort-of engagement.

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