You’re Not Dating Him Until His Facebook Page Says So

From The Daily Vidette Online

MIAMI (AP) - First pins, then promise rings. Now students post their relationships on social networking sites to make it official.

Stephanie Tershakovec, 20, an upcoming senior at the University of Miami, has been dating Daniel Mullane for over two years - you can find them on, with Tershakovec's and Mullane's profiles linked to one another.

Mullane, 20, admits he wasn't crazy about the idea at the beginning. "I wanted my privacy. I didn't want everyone in my business," he said. Janet Sternberg, an assistant professor at Fordham University's department of communication and media studies, studies students' attempts to identify themselves using the Internet. She says the new linkages put more pressure on men than in the past.

Tango’s Take
‘First pins, then promise rings’? What happened to letter jackets? What happened to friendship bracelets? What happened to matching tats? Evidently it's not official until it hits Facebook. Is that like it's not cheating if it's four states away? If you’re going to let people know your favorite movies, foods, and TV shows, it only makes sense to put your relationship status in there too. And what happens when the current generation of Facebookers start having kids? Will they link their whole family tree? We’re not sure what to make of all this. Does everyone really need all the information all the time? And what happens if one person has dating on their profile and the other still has single? That could be problematic.

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