Some Professor Explains The Economics Of Dating

Some Professor Explains The Economics Of Dating


The laws of economics apply to everything from the "pull" factor of your online dating profile to whether or not you can get away with scarfing down the very last scoop of guacamole at a party.

Economics is the study of "the market" (whether you're talking about the meet market or the supermarket), the incentives that drive our behavior, and how people exchange valuables, such as money, the remote control, and even engagement rings.

Tyler Cowen is a professor of economics at George Mason University and author of a fascinating book on relationships and economics, Discover Your Inner Economist (Dutton, 2007).
Tango’s Take In Professor Frink's (from The Simpsons) voice: “You see the woman likes to wear a ‘going out’ outfit that emphasizes her sexiness. Flavin. She sometimes calls it her ‘boob shirt.’ And the men like to ‘peacock’ with their, flavin, ‘faux hawks’ and ‘bling.’ And women like pretty flowers, even though cut flowers are technically dyyyyying. I know all the right things to do, but I need to be de-dorkulated to land a, flavin, laaady.” It’s been a long day. We need the guys from Freakonomics to put together a legitimate, flavin, study on this.

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