Iowa State Fair May Ban Erotic Corndog Contest


From The Des Moines Register
By Jennifer Jacobs

The erotic corn dog eating contest at the Iowa State Fair might have to go away.

The competition, which is organized by a Des Moines area radio station and tends to draw a raucous and appreciative crowd, is too tasteless, according to at least one fair board member.

After the topic came up Monday during the board’s critique of this year’s state fair, fair manager Gary Slater said he hasn’t seen it himself.

YourTango’s Take

We really don’t have much to add to this: Uh, State Fair, check, Radio Contest, check, DJ With A Silly Nickname, check, Borderline Obscene Stunt, and check. Yeah, this will probably end up on the Daily Show. It’s too bad that the Man Show went under, this is right up their alley. Do you think that the people in Sioux City, Iowa are excited? Is this the year that those snobs in Des Moines get their comeuppance and the Fair gets moved to its rightful home in Sioux City?

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