According To Research High AND Low Cholesterol May Be A Problem For Pregnancy


New York, Oct 2 - Having low cholesterol levels is as bad as too much cholesterol during pregnancy and can increase the risk of a premature delivery, say US scientists.

Researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute examined over 1,000 women from South Carolina and their newborn babies.

They found that the prematurity rate among women with the highest cholesterol levels was about 12 percent, while among white women with the lowest cholesterol levels it was 21 percent, the online edition of BBC News reported.

Tango’s Take

You have got to be fucking kidding us. Is there anything else that can go wrong for pregnant women? No wonder a lot of them are nervous wrecks. They have to gain weight, but not too much weight. They have to steer clear of alcohol, stimulants, radiation, and roller coasters (to name a few). They should eat some fish but not most fish because of the mercury and forget vigorous exercise. It ain’t easy being with child. We’re just glad that people have managed to do so for the past million years. The Earth would be pretty lonely without us. And where are they going to find a woman in South Carolina with too low cholesterol? The easy answer is ‘in South Carolina,’ but we just don’t know how they avoid all the great fried food down there.

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