Steve Guttenberg Penning Memoirs, Ben Affleck Thinks JLo Relatioship Hurt His Career And Is Cameron Diaz Dating Bradley Cooper?

From The New York Daily News
By Ben Widdicombe

It's not exactly the Gutenberg Bible, but ... actor Steve Guttenberg has inked a deal with Thomas Dunne Books for a memoir about his early years in Hollywood.

He told me a sample anecdote last week at a dinner for the new Joaquin Phoenix/Mark Ruffalo thriller, "Reservation Road."

"I was 19 years old at a club on the Sunset Strip called Gazzari's," the Brooklyn native, now 49, told me.

Tango’s Take
The headline of the blurb in the New York Daile News was ‘Guttenberg Knows the Ropes.’ Brilliant. He tied someone up. Did the VH1 show with Chachi (Scott Baio is 45… And Single) make Guttenberg anxious for another day in the sun? Who knows? The story he tells about tying some broad up, then having to go fetch pro-fos and not being able to find his way back is pretty funny. He really needed a sidekick… ‘Where is Proctor?!’

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Ben Affleck Says JLo Romance May Have Hurt His Career
Ben Affleck is blaming some of his career slowdown on his JLo relationship. You know the tabloid nature of their thing was 'affleckting' his work, et cetera. And it made him a little bit more of a target, given his high profile. This is well and good and interesting, but didn’t we hear this from him before? We ran a Dish on this story in March. Let’s move on, all of us.

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Cameron Diaz and Bradley Cooper?

Gossip are reporting that Diaz and Cooper were hanging out in NYC this weekend. They were spotted out together for dinner and at the Saturday Night Live after-party and at the Giants’ game on Sunday with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. That sounds like one hell of a date. Bradley Cooper has had a pretty crazy run. He and wife Jennifer Esposito split in May, he went on a date with Jennifer Aniston in August, and now he’s on the Cameron Diaz radar. Good times. He was hilarious in Wedding Crashers. And is getting to hang out with Ashton and Demi, like, the ultimate for a couple? They have a very strange king and queen of the high school thing going on.

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