Kate Hudson Breaks Up, Helena Christiansen Is Not Dating Heath Ledger, Nicole Ritchie Has A Wedding Date, And Amy Winehouse’s Re

-Kate Hudson Breaks It Off With Dax Shepard And Forgets To Tell Him
Evidently Kate Hudson neglected to tell Dax Shepard that they were over. And he had to find out through a friend. This sort of makes Britney’s divorce text message to K Fed look honorable. We think that you should only break up in a way that you would use to propose. Wait, that doesn’t work. A jumbotron break up would be pretty awful.

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-Helena Christensen Not Dating Heath Ledger According To Helena Christensen
Word was that Helena Christensen was dating Heath Ledger. We also heard that he was dating Kate Bosworth. It’s looking like neither is true. Oh well. He probably needs a little ‘Heath time’ since ending his engagement to Michelle Williams from Dawson’s Creek.

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-Amy Winehouse May Be Ditching Her Husband

NME is reporting that Amy Winehouse’s friends are trying to get her to get rid of husband Blake Fielder-Civil. Evidently his rock-and-roll lifestyle is not so good for her. The anecdote that sets the whole thing off is that Blake allegedly bailed on Amy while she was in the hospital for an overdose. They’re saying that he left to get a fix. Maybe they deserve each other and maybe they need some help.

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-Nicole Ritchie And Joel Madden Are Set To Marry In Two Weeks
Wow. They’re going to make this tiny baby inside of Nicole legitimate. We’re glad that Joel is ‘doing the right thing.’ Good deal. It looks like they’re going to take Laguna Beach by storm on October 13th. Rumor has it that Madden’s band supposedly has a gig in Australia planned that day. So, uh, good luck with that.

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