Pamela Anderson Gets A Marriage Licence In Las Vegas

Pamela Anderson Gets A Marriage Licence In Las Vegas

From The Atlanta Journal And Constitution

LAS VEGAS — Wedding bells might not be far off for Pamela Anderson. The former 'Baywatch' star and Rick Salomon applied for — and were granted — a marriage license late Saturday in Las Vegas, according to the Clark County's Marriage License Bureau.

The license means the couple can get married any time during the next year.

Anderson, 40, has been previously married to singer Kid Rock and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.

Salomon, 38, is best-known for making a sex videotape with his then-girlfriend Paris Hilton and was previously married to actress Shannen Doherty.

Anderson's publicist, Cindy Guagenti, did not immediately return a call for comment Sunday.

Earlier this month, Anderson appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said that she was dating a "mystery man" who was a professional poker player, but would not give any further details.
Tango’s Take A) Is the profession of ‘poker player’ just a euphemism for unemployed gambler? Isn’t everyone who plays poker for money, technically, a professional? B) Other than being married to Brenda Walsh and making an intercourse video with Paris Hilton, what is Salomon famous for? C) How is no one making jokes like ‘your camera or mine’ about these two? We mean come on, they made the two most famous home sex videos of all time. And those things are viral, man. Kid Rock even got caught up in the frenzy and made a tape with that dude from the band Creed. D) What does this do for Tommy Lee’s chances to score with Paris Hilton?

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