Smoking May Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

From The Courier Mail

MEN who smoke risk developing erectile dysfunction - and the more cigarettes they smoke, the greater the risk of erectile dysfunction, according to a new study.

In a study of 4,763 Chinese men aged 35 to 74 years who were free of blood vessel disease and who reported that they had been sexually active within the last six months, the researchers found a significant statistical link between the number of cigarettes smoked and the likelihood of erectile dysfunction.

"The association between cigarette smoking and erectile dysfunction was found in earlier studies," said first author Jiang He of Tulane University School of Public Health, New Orleans.

Tango’s Take

Now the anti-smoking crowd has a campaign. If the inability to produce and maintain quality erections doesn’t stop a dude from smoking, nothing will. We’re not sure what the equivalent is for a woman. Would it be getting a lumpy butt? Probably not. We think it would probably have to be something along the lines of: ‘Smoking proven to ruin relationships for women but somehow improve their best friend’s marriage.’ That would do it, and it proves, once again, what sex is to men, relationships are to women. Tango!

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