Democratic Candidates Say They’re OK With Second-Grade Teacher Reading Gay Prince Fairy Tale

From Fox News
By Catherine Donaldson-Evans

A fairy tale about two princes falling in love sparked a backlash — and a lawsuit — against a teacher and a school last year when it was read to a second-grade class in Massachusetts.

But the three frontrunners in the Democratic presidential race suggested Wednesday night at their debate in New Hampshire that they’d support reading the controversial book to children as part of a school curriculum.

Moderator Tim Russert asked John Edwards, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton whether they’d be comfortable having the story — called “King & King” — read to their children in school.

Tango’s Take
We can just imagine the inner monologue with Senators Obama and Clinton after Edwards, without missing a beat, was in favor of teaching the book about gay princes. “Ah Christ, the hillbilly from Carolina is for gay literature in school? I’m going to look like some kind of fascist if I don’t agree. Crap, this is not going to play well in Peoria.”
Anywho, we find it a little odd that there would be a book called King & King, shouldn’t it be Queen & Queen? Thank you, thank you, we’ll be here all week, the 10 o’clock show is completely different from the 7:30. But seriously, you can’t have co-kings, it totally goes against the point of the feudal system. Inevitably there would be either a power struggle or a power vacuum that would result in the downfall of the kingdom. One of them would have to assume a subservient position. That didn’t come out right. And for some reason all of this two princes talk are giving us a wicked Spin Doctors flashback. Also, we're a touch surprised, but it appears that Fox News is portraying Democrats in a bad light. This reminds us of a spoof on The Simpsons. On the Fox News crawl: "New study suggests 86% of Democrats are " or something as fun.

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